About Me

Hi there. 

My name is Sara Webb, I was born in Seattle Washington. I moved to Alaska when I was little and grew up here. I graduated from Bartlett High School, and I have done a number of things since then. I have come to realize that I love helping people and I am good with my hands, so you put them together and tadaa.. Massage therapy.. 

My business, Hands to Hearts is all about connecting with people and helping them heal and feel awesome;) As a massage therapist, I use my hands to connect with people and when I connect I not only connect with their body but with their spirits as well. 

I am licensed in the State of Alaska, and will be taking my national exam soon;) I am currently a mobile massage therapist, meaning I can come to you. I feel that people have busy lives; jobs, families, etc and cant always get away to pamper themselves. So i thought not come to them;) 

I would love to hear from you<3